Friday, August 15, 2014

Freedom Friday - A Dancer's Pose

I was browsing Pinterest and came upon this photo by photographer, Chelsea Rowe and what caught my attention was the grace of the dancer's pose. As I studied the photo, the first thing that came to mind was freedom. That is what I saw when I looked at the photo. The dancer expressed herself in a way that shows how free we really are.

We have been blessed with the freedom to do exactly what we desire and that is powerful because we are not held hostage by anyone's limitations, but our own. If there is something you have a passionate desire to do...then you do it. Let no one or nothing stop you from what your heart aches for because you have it within you do make your dreams come true. Whatever you have a desire to do, God has blessed you with the ability to do it. Never doubt who you are and your ability to get it done because those are the very things you need to have confidence in to create the life you desire.

Oftentimes, we talk ourselves out of living our lives freely. Fear, negative self-talk, and the doubts of others can quickly pollute our belief in ourselves and our purpose in life until we become paralyzed, afraid to move in any direction towards what we dream of. But I'm here to tell you, today is a new day. Today is a fresh start. Today is the day that you begin to live your life freely - without limits. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it! Now, go out there and make it happen! Sounds easier said than done I know, but if you really think about it, it is that simple. All that's required is placing yourself and your happiness as a priority.